The all-powerful psychic Pokemon may be getting a new look for the upcoming games.

A wild ????? has appeared!

Earlier today the official Pokemon X and Y  website confirmed a new Pokemon that looks very similar to Mewtwo.

The description  for this character on the website reads, “It looks a lot like the powerful Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo, but not quite the same…” While this unnamed Pokemon does share some similar features with Mewtwo, it does have a smaller body and boasts a halo-like structure behind the ears. (You can check out a trailer of this mystery character here.)

This newest Pokemon looks a lot like Mewtwo. Could we have a ‘Mewthree’ on our hands?

The character was unveiled by Junchi Masuda, the director of the upcoming games, on the Japanese variety show Pokemon Smash, according to

This comes after the latest Eevee evolution, Sylveon, was revealed earlier this year.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are set to release in October 2013.